Kokoro no Kaze

Tara West

Length: 15:21 Filmed: Inspire Hope, Ballyshannon, 8th October 2016

‘Depression has been around longer than Western society, but it says something about the UK and Ireland that we have almost no vocabulary for describing how we feel beyond the terms we learned in childhood.’

 Author Tara West realised that while other cultures have developed words like Weltschmerz, saudade and mono no aware, we have no language to address the subtleties of feeling we experience as adolescents and adults, which puts us at a disadvantage. She proposes we repurpose language from other cultures, or in fact, invent entirely new terms to help us talk about how we feel. And that’s where ‘kokoro no kaze’ comes in…

Tara West

Tara, an accomplished author,  published her memoir about depression and recovery, Happy Dark, in 2016. Tara also runs memoir-writing workshops, and is passionate about helping others tell their story.

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