Mind your Melon

School expression of interest page for Mind Your Melon, an online youth mental health festival for the young people of Donegal.

Mind Your Melon – School Expression of Interest

What is Mind Your Melon?

Mind your Melon is an online youth mental health festival for the young people of Donegal.

The online festival will launch on 1st November 2021 and will be promoted as a month long event but the website will remain live throughout the academic year as a resource for young people in the county.

Through video and interactive content the online festival will:

  • Promote positive mental health

  • Improve young people’s understanding of mental health and wellbeing

  • Increase awareness of youth mental health supports and services and how to access them

  • Reduce stigmatising attitudes to mental health

Who is involved?

Mind your Melon has been created by local mental health charity Connect Mental Health in partnership with Jigsaw Donegal, Foróige, the HSE and Healthy Ireland.

This will be an event ‘For young people, by young people’. Young people will be involved in developing themes and ideas for content being created. Young people from Donegal Youth Council and Jigsaw’s Youth Advisory Panel are the youth advisory committee for this project.

Target audience:

13,500 12-18 year olds across County Donegal, predominantly from 27 secondary schools across the county.

Register your school

We want to partner with secondary schools across county Donegal to ensure the opportunity to get involved reaches as many young people as possible.

Young people will be encouraged to explore the online festival in their own time but Connect Mental Health will support schools to to promote the event and incorporate into their own mental health and wellbeing initiatives.

If you are interested in ensuring your school is involved please register your interest by completing the short form though the ‘Register your Interest’ button below.

Register your Interest.

How will it Work?

The Festival will be launched to young people in Donegal on 1st November. The festival will have its own dedicated website where all content will be hosted.

Participating schools will be provided with a toolkit to promote the event to students in their school.

For more details on the Mind your Melon festival view our overview for schools here

Supported by:

Mind Your Melon is grant aided by the HSE, Healthy Donegal and Donegal Local Development CLG.